Kid's Magician Waffles The Wonderful

Enjoy a party with Ireland’s favorite female kid’s magician. Laugh and smile as Waffles performs an interactive birthday magic show. Waffles tricks are goofy and fun and she is sure to bring a smile to all. Giggle at Waffles mind reading bear Boo Boo. Smile as Waffles brings an adult up for a rope trick. Hoot and howl as kids make scarves appear and disappear. Waffles comes with a PA and gets all the kids up for dance games too. Kid’s magician Waffles will make your birthday boy or girl the star of the show. Waffles was selected by President Higgins to perform at the Aras and has been making children happy for over 10 years.

Wonderful children’s entertainment for birthday parties, communion parties, christening, and festivals.

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