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Birthday Party Tips

Hosting a birthday party can cause a lot of stress for parents. Everyone wants to make sure that the birthday boy or girl has a great day and that can lead to a lot of pressure.


Relax, we are here to help.

I’ve been to over a thousand birthday parties and have seen what works and what doesn’t. Here are some very simple birthday party tips to help make your boy or girls special day go smoothly.

1)   The easiest of the birthday party tips is to have the entertainer arrive and start fifteen minutes after the party starts. That allows all of the kids to arrive, have a quick catch up and settle in. This also stops late arrivals from interrupting the show.

2)   Limit the party to two hours. This time frame works out very nicely. The first 15 minutes the kids arrive, meet and greet, and exchange gifts. The show and balloons then lasts for one hour and fifteen minutes. The cake and pictures takes 15 minutes. That leaves 15 minutes to run around at the end.

3)   Don’t spend all your time in the kitchen cooking. Pick something simple to make that only has to be heated up. You want to be able to watch the show, take pictures and share in the fun. Kids will gulp down just about any food, so keep it simple.

4)   If your party is longer then two hours, and you have hired a bouncing castle, make sure that you unplug the castle during the show. This is one of the birthday party tips that may be tough to enforce. However, don’t have the kids sit on the bouncy castle to watch the show. Bouncing is just too tempting.

5)   Please don’t buy noise makers. It seems like a good idea at the time, but when 30 kids are tooting and honking for more then five minutes, it wears thin. The noise also takes away from the show and stops the kids from hearing the jokes. Of all the birthday party tips, you will thanks me the most for this one.

6)   If you are having the party in a venue, see if they have a separate room for parties. This helps add intimacy and specialness of the occasion. Venues can also have a lot of background noise, so ask the entertainer to bring a PA.

7)   Come to the show. Kids love to see their parents having fun and what better way then watching the show. Parents, Aunts and Uncles are often brought up to help out with tricks. There is nothing embarrassing that happens and it really adds to the day.

8)   Don’t serve food during the show. Children are easily distracted and handing sweets out during the show brings everything to a halt. Tricks often have a funny build up and it would be a shame to ruin the moment.

9)   Some of the birthday party tips are for the grown ups. Try not to make too much noise. Adult guests often sit in the back and chat. That’s fine, but when the conversations get loud it can make it tough for the children to hear the entertainer.

10) Parties can be tough on older siblings. It’s not always easy for them to see their younger brother or sister in the spot light. When the entertainer arrives, make sure to introduce the birthday boy or girl and also to point out any siblings. The older boys and girls will be told that they will be put into the show too. While the birthday boy or girl is still the star, that older sibling knows that they will have their own moment and that helps ease any tension.

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